Commercial Ballast & Bulb Replacement

Your commercial lighting can account for approximately 35 percent of your business's energy use. Are you using the right lighting solution and light bulb combination? There are many lighting options available, but how do you know which is right for your business? 


Commercial ballasts, for instance, are used with fluorescent lights to limit current to fluorescent bulbs and prevent them from increasing uncontrollably, overheating and burning out. A ballast is matched specifically to the light bulb it operates. Compared to residential fluorescent, these commercial fluorescent produce stronger magnetic interference, as well as more heat, making proper installation important in protecting against fire hazards and interference with electronics. 

Commercial ballasts burn out and need replacement periodically.  Mick's Electric, electrical contractors to Rapid City, Rapid Valley, Box Elder and other surrounding areas can replace your ballasts. If you feel it might be time to upgrade your lighting, there are many options available, one of our electricians can come to your location and evaluate your lighting and give you recommendations on what would be best for you.  Local electric companies also offer rebate when upgrading to new LED lighting, which could help offset the cost. 

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